It’s live and in color!

We have our first working prototype.

It’s detected properly by Windows 7 without any 3rd party driver. It’s also detected properly by WinUAE. Okay then, it’s time to test it with some “serious” gaming…!

Performance are above expectations. No lag, no bug!
Time to push this baby to production.

2 thoughts on “It’s live and in color!

  1. Hi, I just discovered your USB – joystick adapter on eBay. Wow!
    I was looking for a solution to connect my Arcade Suzo joystick to my pc for WinUAE and Vice, and *almost* went for a kit which ment soldering (pain) and a big clunky box.

    Luckily I found you on eBay… just ordered one and looking forward to it!
    Thanks and keep up the great work!
    Jeroen (The Netherlands)

    PS: Just a tip – why not create a page on Facebook and spread the word… this should get more attention!

  2. Update: the adapter works like a charm on Windows XP with WinUAE and WinVICE playing Amiga and C64 games! Plug-n-play, no hassle.

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