USB joystick adapter schematic v3.0

This is the 3.0 adapter schematic. *Note that the Wii portion is not software implemented yet! **Hardware shipped does not include the Wiimote connector. This is for testing purposes.

This is the 3.0 adapter schematic. *Note that the Wii portion is not software implemented yet! **Hardware shipped does not include the Wiimote connector. This is for testing purposes.

USB joystick adapter firmware v3.0 (works with hardware v3.0 only)

Firmware flash tool
Windows: How to: Tutorial
MacOSX & Linux commandline tool (sources to build): bootloadhid.rar

Atari/Commodore 64/Amiga joysticks
Code: Atari_C64_Amiga_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Atari_C64_Amiga_v3.0_fw.rar

Atari 7800 joysticks
Code: Atari_7800_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Atari_7800_v3.0_fw.rar

Atari/Commodore 64 paddles (*NEW one controller version)
Code: Atari_C64_Paddles_v3.0.rar
*Firmware: Atari_C64_Paddles_v3.0_fw.rar
*Includes Atari and Commodore paddles versions.

Atari Video Touch Pad keypad
Code: Atari_Video_Touch_Pad_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Atari_Video_Touch_Pad_v3.0_fw.rar

Sega Genesis joypad
Code: Sega_Joypad_Adapter_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Sega_Joypad_Adapter_v3.0_fw.rar

Commodore CD32 joypad/ Commodore joysticks
Code: CD32_Joypad_Adapter_v3.0.rar
Firmware: CD32_Joypad_Adapter_v3.0_fw.rar

Amiga mouse
Code: Amiga_Mouse_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Amiga_Mouse_v3.0_fw.rar

Atari ST mouse
Code: AtariST_Mouse_v3.0.rar
Firmware: AtariST_Mouse_v3.0_fw.rar

Intellivision controllers – ‘M’ version written by Louie –
Code: Intellivision_v3.0m.rar
Firmware: Intellivision_v3.0m_fw.rar
Config file for jzIntv: hackfileRD.cfg

– ‘MM’ version written by Matthew –
Code: Intellivision_v3.0a_mm.rar
Firmware: Intellivision_v3.0a_mm_fw.rar

Intellivision Flashback controllers – ‘M’ version written by Louie –
Code: Intellivision_Flashback_v3.0m.rar
Firmware: Intellivision_Flashback_v3.0m_fw.rar
Config file for jzIntv: hackfileRD.cfg

– ‘MM’ version written by Matthew –
Code: Intellivision_Flashback_v3.0a_mm.rar
Firmware: Intellivision_Flashback_v3.0a_mm_fw.rar

ColecoVision controllers (Including Super Action controller and wheel)
Code: ColecoVision_v3.0.rar
Firmware: ColecoVision_v3.0_fw.rar

MSX joysticks
Code: MSX_v3.0.rar
Firmware: MSX_v3.0_fw.rar

3DO joypads*
Code: 3DO_Joypad_Adapter_v3.0.rar
Firmware: 3DO_Joypad_Adapter_v3.0_fw.rar
*Be aware that the joypad is conflicting with the firmware update system at boot-up. You must disconnect the joypad prior booting the host machine or plugging in the joystick adapter.

TI99/4/4a joystick (support up to 2 controllers with proper TI adapter)
Code: TI99_4_4a_v3.0.rar
Firmware: TI99_4_4a_v3.0_fw.rar

RedOctane Dance Pad (DB9 version with 6 pads)
Code: Redoctane_DDR_v3.1.rar
Firmware: Redoctane_DDR_v3.1_fw.rar

Bally/Astrocade joystick/paddle
Code: Bally_Astrocade_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Bally_Astrocade_v3.0_fw.rar


Amstrad CPC joysticks – NEW! (untested)
Code: Amstrad_CPC_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Amstrad_v3.0_fw.rar

Atari Driving controller – NEW! (untested)
Code: Atari_Driving_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Atari_Driving_v3.0_fw.rar

Coleco Gemini joystick/paddle – NEW! (untested)
Code: Coleco_Gemini_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Coleco_Gemini_v3.0_fw.rar

Odyssey2 joystick – NEW! (untested)
Code: Odyssey2_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Odyssey2_v3.0_fw.rar

FM Towns/Marty joystick – NEW! (untested)
Code: FM_Towns_Marty_v3.0.rar
Firmware: FM_Towns_Marty_v3.0_fw.rar

Fairchild/Channel F joystick – NEW! (untested)
Code: Fairchild_Channel_F_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Fairchild_Channel_F_v3.0_fw.rar

Famiclone controllers (NES/SNES clones on DB9) – NEW! (untested)
Code: Famiclone_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Famiclone_v3.0_fw.rar

Sega Multi Tap adapter (4 players) – NEW! (untested)
Code: Sega_Multitap_Adapter_v3.0.rar
Firmware: Sega_Multitap_Adapter_v3.0_fw.rar

ZX Spectrum Interface 2 joystikcs – NEW! (untested)
Code: ZX_Spectrum_Interface2_v3.0.rar
Firmware: ZX_Spectrum_Interface2_v3.0_fw.rar

GOTEK Amiga floppy emulator schematic


Software site:

USB joystick adapter schematic v1.2

USB joystick adapter firmware v2.1 (works with hardware v1.2 only)

For Atari, Commodore 64 and Amiga compatible joysticks:

For CD32 joypad and compatibles (also works with standard joysticks):

For Amiga mouse. This firmware will make the USB adapter detected as a standard HID mouse.

Flash utility for the USB adapter

If you need help, you can follow this tutorial.

Older versions (works with hardware v1.2 only)
Hex: Code:

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  2. Intellivision_v3.0a_mm:
    This firmware is an update that supports all possible button combinations on the Intellivision controller. This includes pressing keypad 1 & 9 for internal pause and screen blanking. It also allows for all Intellivision kludges or “easter eggs”. It has eight virtual buttons for emulator functions, and is compatible with the existing jzIntv keyboard hackfile.

    BTN_15 (16th) – K4+KE or K6+KC
    BTN_16 (17th) – K5+KC or K4+K0
    BTN_17 (18th) – K5+KE or K6+K0
    BTN_18 (19th) – K2+K9 or K3+K8
    BTN_19 (20th) – K2+K7 or K1+K8
    BTN_20 (21st) – K4+KC*
    BTN_21 (22nd) – K5+K0*
    BTN_22 (23rd) – K6+KE*
    *only for compatibility

  3. An Intellivision controller can be used to update firmware by holding either top side action button.

    An Intellivision Flashback controller can be used to update firmware by holding keypad ‘6’.

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