Retronic Design Products


Retronic design, like its name says, specialize in retro electronic device design.

USB joystick adapter
Our actual best seller is the USB joystick adapter. This adapter enable you to connect any Atari style joystick to a USB compatible machine (Like a PC, a MAC, a Raspberry Pi, …). The integrated microcode is simulating a standard HID joystick.

Actual compatibility list is as follow:

  • Atari 2600 Joystick
  • Atari 7800 Joystick (2 buttons)
  • Atari analog Paddle (2 players)
  • Atari driving controller
  • Atari video touch pad Keyboard
  • Amstrad Joystick (3 buttons)
  • Amiga Joystick
  • Amiga Mouse / Trackball (2 and 3 buttons)
  • Atari ST Mouse / Trackball (2 buttons)
  • Commodore 64 Joystick
  • Commodore CD32 Joypad (7 buttons)
  • Intellivision Touch pad (16 direction disc and 15 buttons)
  • Intellivision Flashback Touch pad (16 direction disc and 15 buttons)
  • ColecoVision Touch pad and Super Action Controller (16 buttons + spinner)
  • Coleco Gemini Joystick & Paddle (Hybrid controller, also compatible with Sears console)
  • MSX Joystick (2 buttons)
  • Sega Genesis Joypad (3 and 6 buttons)
  • Sega Master System Joypad
  • Sega Multi-Tap Adapter (4 players)
  • 3DO (Panasonic) Joypad
  • TI99/4/4a Joystick
  • FM Towns/Marty Joypad
  • Famiclone (NES clone) Joypad
  • Odyssey2 controller
  • Fairchild channel F controller
  • Bally/Astrocade controller
  • RedOctane Dance pads (6 buttons DB9 version)
  • ZX Spectrum Interface 2 Joysticks

Our second best seller is the USB floppy drive emulator.
It is compatible mainly with;

  • Amiga
  • Atari ST
  • Amstrad CPC
  • …and many other machines!

This is possible by using the HxC firmware, developped by Jean-François DelNero and his team over at

It comes with a 8GB USB stick preconfigured with all software and licences needed.

See side column for pricing and purchase information.

Many other products are currently under development.

New prototype: External floppy disk adapter for Amiga

Many customers asked for it and we built an external floppy disk adapter for Amiga.  It supports both Shugart and IBM PC floppy drive pinouts with jumper configurations. This means it can connect Amiga, IBM PC and Gotek floppy drives as DF1: DF2: or DF3:. To use it as an external DF0: for Amiga 500, you need to “tweak” the motherboard prior being able to do this.

We sucessfully tested the adapter with a standard IBM PC 1.44 floppy drive (in Amiga 880KB mode).  Here it is, running the Spaceballs II demo (2 disks) :
We also connected a Gotek drive with HxC firmware sucessfully.
Production units will be available around Q4 2017 or Q1 2018

First RGBS to YPbPr converter finally came out of pre-production

This is ou very first “pre-production” RGBS to YPbPr converter. Signal to noise ratio is exceptional and video quality too. It was fully tested on a video output from an Amiga 2000. It can be connected to any machine that outputs in RGBS standard, in both NTSC and PAL like arcade motherboards in cabinets, Sega Genesis, NES and Super Nintendo systems, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and many many more.

External floppy drive adapter prototype underway

We’ve worked hard recently to build an external floppy drive adapter for the Amiga familly of computers.  It uses a male DB-23 connector and a female 34 header to externally connect three type of drives:

  • Gotek USB floppy emulator (HxC and others)
  • Amiga “Shugart” floppy drives
  • IBM-PC compatible floppy drive (in Amiga 880KB format).

Using a simple jumper configuration, you can connect these three type of drives externally.

Full production should be available Q4 2017.