External floppy drive adapter prototype underway

We’ve worked hard recently to build an external floppy drive adapter for the Amiga familly of computers.  It uses a male DB-23 connector and a female 34 header to externally connect three type of drives:

  • Gotek USB floppy emulator (HxC and others)
  • Amiga “Shugart” floppy drives
  • IBM-PC compatible floppy drive (in Amiga 880KB format).

Using a simple jumper configuration, you can connect these three type of drives externally.

Full production should be available Q4 2017.

New RGBS to YPbPr video adapter prototype

After a long prototyping, testing and validating process, we finally have a perfectly working product without needs for calibration. Secret is that we designed around a gaming console video converter IC. This IC has been around for a long time now and has a perfect, noise free output.  It works with both 240p and 480i NTSC formats. It can also work with PAL 50Hz formats. No color bleeding on vertical edges nor flickering in interlaced mode. It’s even better that the original thing on a CRT!  My workbench screen of my Amiga 2000 is crisp and bright!

If everything goes well, it’s going into full production by Q4 2017.

RGB to YPbPr conversion vs new LCD TV

During my tests with the new RGB to YPbPr video converter I discovered an interesting (but painfull) limitation with new LCD TVs.

Amiga and most machines of ’80s and ’90 have a video output of 240p in resolution. This 240p corresponds to the “non-interlaced” 480i mode which was known under that name back then. Amiga native video mode is 240p but can be set to 480i. Remember that only 200 or 400 lines are usable in non-overscan mode.

New LCD TV are not equally compatible to this 240p video mode. My Sony Bravia supports it while my Sanyo don’t. A very nice article was written on this subject on the HD Retrovision website with a list of tested LCD TV.

Refert to that list to see if your LCD TV is “Amgiable”

New product in developpement; Amiga RGB to YPbPr (components) video converter

As announced last year, we developped an RGB to YPbPr video converter for Commodore Amiga computers. This adapter enables you to connect your old Miggy to virtually any new LCD screen or television.

Since the 1084S has around 30 years now, many Amiga enthusiasts now struggle to get a new screen or want to use their actual television to play their favorite games.

(Pardon my discected A2000 on the bench. It’s the test mullet !)


This adapter use a fairly simple analog method to convert the signals and the color-space.
The idea is to use the best video scaler you already have in your house; your LCD screen. Many flicker fixer and scaler solutions nowadays propose a complex and unreliable hardware. Our solution is straight forward.


It works with 60Hz NTSC and 50Hz PAL models in both Interlace and non-Interlace modes. (Verify if your LCD screen can take this non-Interlace mode).


My old workbench looks nice on my TV!