New 2.0 firmware available for adapter

We just released a new firmware for the adapter.  This firmware was totally redone using V-USB library. This insure device stability and compatibility, plus it permit USB reflashing of the device, in case of a later firmware release with more features. Every new order will be fullfilled with this version pre-installed.

Note that this firmware can be reflashed using the USB utility only with release 2.0 or more. The only way to reflash a prior version is using the ISP hardware method. Please contact us for more info.

This firmware is available from our website:

Utility to reflash the device is available here:

To reflash the device, simply connect the adapter in the USB port while the joystick’s button is pressed. Keep the button pressed until the device is reflashed using the uitlity. DONE!

USB Joystick Adapter has arrived!

Our new USB adapter for Atari compatible joystick has just arrived from the factory!

Final assembly and programming has to be done and they will be ready to be shipped.


It’s live and in color!

We have our first working prototype.

It’s detected properly by Windows 7 without any 3rd party driver. It’s also detected properly by WinUAE. Okay then, it’s time to test it with some “serious” gaming…!

Performance are above expectations. No lag, no bug!
Time to push this baby to production.

New Project for USB Joystick Adapter

Based on the original design from Igor Cesko ( and Paul Qureshi (, we are currently designing an USB Joystick Adapter specially suited for Atari compatible joysticks.
We stripped down everything except the Atari connector part and adding a convenient ISP connection to the board. We also stripped down the buttons to three, the maximum possible with this spec.
Here is the final schematic of it:
Source code has been slightly modified to fit this hardware:
Hope to have a prototype soon!