Works with Raspberry PI

This just came in: The USB adapter is confirmed to be compatible with Raspberry PI. Our collaborator “Team Splattenstein” tested it with Chameleon PI and VICE (C-64). After correctly mapped the joystick in the emulator, it works flawlessly and as he reported, without any lag or misbehavior.

Here is a link to their page. It’s in Finnish translated to English, be aware!

Raspberry PI is an open ARM platform originaly developped for academic purposes but currently gaining in popularity for multimedia and gaming.

One thought on “Works with Raspberry PI

  1. I used ChameleonPi and tested the joystick converter with C64-emulator (Vice). I also use D-Link H7 Hub to power the Pi and give extra power for the controllers. It worked right away – all I did was map the joystick (it takes about 10 seconds). Sometimes the emulator doesn’t recognize the joysticks, but quitting the emulator and starting it again helps – this happens sometimes only. It most definetly is the problem in the Pi (or ChameleonPi) than in the converters. PC Vice worked also beautifully! Thank you for the super useful converter! No lag! Pure retrogame enjoyment! I can’t thank you enough!

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