USB Adapter v1.2 free upgrade program

Because the original release version 1.2 of the firmware of the USB joystick adapter did not had the flash update feature integrated, this version cannot be reflashed “in the field”.

We offer free update to anyone who bought this adapter (prior december 2012). Just ship them back to the factory and have them reflashed to the latest version. You only pay for shipping both ways. Shipping is 6$CAD and can be paid via PayPal.

Instructions for return:
  • Place your adapter (maximum 4) in a bubble mailing enveloppe. Don’t forget to include your return address.
  • Pay the return shipping fee on PayPal

  • Ship the enveloppe at:
    Retronicdesign update program
    3292 de Bergerac
    Longueuil (Québec) J4M 2X8

Update are done pretty quickly so you should not be separated very long from your precious! :0)

Thank you!

The Retronicdesign team