USB adapter upgrade tutorial

This tutorial is intended for those who want to upgrade their USB adapter or to change its functionality


  1. You must own a v2.0 or later or a v3.0 or later USB adapter to perform this upgrade.
    **Note that v2.0 and v3.0 hardware are not compatible with each other. You must select a firmware compatible with your device.
  2. You must own an Atari, C64, Amiga, CD32, ColecoVision, MSX, Amstrad CPC or Sega, Sega Genesis joystick. **If you don’t possess a controller like theses, you can still short circuit pin 6 and 8 of the DB9. This will simulate the fire button.
  3. Download hex file for the controller needed.
    Download page
  4. Download the USB flash tool.
    Download page
  5. Unzip everything in a directory.


  1. Connect your controller in your USB joystick adapter, while leaving it disconnected from your PC USB port.
  2. Press and maintain the fire button (red button on CD32 joypad, left Amiga mouse button or button A on Sega Genesis). Keep this pressed until the end of this procedure.
  3. Connect the adapter in the USB port of your PC. A device called “HID boot” should appear.
  4. Start the flash tool software: HIDBootFlash.exe. This window should appear.
  5. Press on “Find Device” button. If it says “HIDBoot detected”, you’re good.
  6. Press on “Open .hex File”. Select the desired .hex file in your directory.
  7. Add the “Reboot AVR” checkmark and press on “Flash Device”.
  8. You should see operation and adresses flying below. If it’s good, a success notice will appear.
  9. Release the fire button and disconnect the adapter from the USB port. Wait until the PC detects the USB disconnection.
  10. Plug the adapter back in. It should be now detected either as a Amiga mouse or a CD32 joypad adapter.