RGB to YPbPr conversion vs new LCD TV

During my tests with the new RGB to YPbPr video converter I discovered an interesting (but painfull) limitation with new LCD TVs.

Amiga and most machines of ’80s and ’90 have a video output of 240p in resolution. This 240p corresponds to the “non-interlaced” 480i mode which was known under that name back then. Amiga native video mode is 240p but can be set to 480i. Remember that only 200 or 400 lines are usable in non-overscan mode.

New LCD TV are not equally compatible to this 240p video mode. My Sony Bravia supports it while my Sanyo don’t. A very nice article was written on this subject on the HD Retrovision website with a list of tested LCD TV.

Refert to that list to see if your LCD TV is “Amgiable”