Preprod is here!

Orders will be open this week for preprod of our new three boards:
– Amiga RGB to Components adapter
– Amiga External floppy drive adapter (PC,Amiga,Gotek compatible)
– Amiga 1000,500,2000 and 3000 floppy drive swapper (DF0 <>DF1). Usefull to have an external gotek as DF0, while having the internal working as DF1! – NOT working on 600,1200 and 4000 due to soldered CIA chips! –

New product prototype ; Amiga 500 floppy drive swapper

New product developpement at Retronic Design is going on. Since we lauched the Gotek floppy emulator we had a lot of requests to integrate it to the Amiga familly of computers. Many people don’t want to break or modify their old Miggy to fit the Gotek drive inside the casing. Most of them have the classic Amiga 500, known for it’s internal drive/keyboard. With our external floppy adapter, it’s possible to add a Gotek drive as DF1: pretty easily. Downside is that original Amiga 500 cannot boot from DF1: with Kickstart 1.3. To solve this limitation, we designed an internal floppy swapper that entirely swap DF0: and DF1: It detects a particular reset pattern (double ctrl-a-a) to trig the swap. A chirp sound let the user know that the A500 is in floppy swap mode. To bring it back to normal mode, just do the same reset pattern. This is most convenient because it does not require any casing modification, even for a switch! We’ve been able to copy a floppy image to Gotek and vice versa using X-Copy. Note that our Gotek is running the new FlashFloppy firmware.

We hope to be able to ship our three new products before end of 2017. Production of these will be simultaneous:

  • Amiga Video Components (YPbPr) adapter
  • Amiga External Floppy Drive adapter (Gotek and PC drive)
  • Amiga 500 Auto Floppy Drive Swapper module

*You can register to receive updates on these products by writing to Put: “let me know” as the title and tell us what product you are interested in.

New prototype: External floppy disk adapter for Amiga

Many customers asked for it and we built an external floppy disk adapter for Amiga.  It supports both Shugart and IBM PC floppy drive pinouts with jumper configurations. This means it can connect Amiga, IBM PC and Gotek floppy drives as DF1: DF2: or DF3:. To use it as an external DF0: for Amiga 500, you need to “tweak” the motherboard prior being able to do this.

We sucessfully tested the adapter with a standard IBM PC 1.44 floppy drive (in Amiga 880KB mode).  Here it is, running the Spaceballs II demo (2 disks) :
We also connected a Gotek drive with HxC firmware sucessfully.
Production units will be available around Q4 2017 or Q1 2018