Amiga OS4.1 tutorial

You can watch the video made by Joel Edberg or read through this following tutorial.

This tutorial was made using an AmigaOne 500, RadeonHD 6570 and AOS4.1.6. Thanks to the AmigaOS community for their help in writing this tutorial! Joled, Phantom and Guillaume Boesel.

  1. Start your amiga as you normaly do. When you see your workbench screen, plug your USB adapter into one of your USB port on the amiga. You should see a small information box saying; ”Manufacturers: Retronicdesign and Class: Multiclass”. So far so good if you can see that.
  2. Plug your joystick into the USB adapter and then go to AmigaInput. You can find it under sys:prefs/amigainput.
  3. Double-click on AmigaInput. If you get a grim reaper then you have to restart your amiga again. AmigaInput is very buggy so sometimes you have to reboot several times before you get it to work.
  4. Now you should see  the AmigaInput gui.
    Click on USB in the ”Available Interfaces” box. You should see Retro Joystick Adapter v2.0.
  5. Make sure the USB, Retro Joystick Adapter v2.0 is selected. Then click the Test / Calibrate button.
  6. Now you should get a window where you have to calibrate your joystick. Click the calibrate button and follow the instructions. Tip: Enlarge the box so you can see all the text. You can do this by dragging the arrow in the lower right edge.
  7. After you have configured your joystick, click on the LowLevel tab. Click on “Choose lowlevel.library port”. Select Port 0 – Joystick and click Retro Joystick Adapter in the “Drivers” and then click the “Units” and make sure it is set to 0. Also, click on the “Red Disabled” button and make sure it says Button 1.  It should look like the picture below: Dont forget to click on the assign button before you save!
    Note from “Phantom”: You can set it as a gamepad as well. This will add some options and help compatibility with some games.

    If all went well, click on the save button. Your joystick is now configured. Then, we need to configure RuninUAE and E-UAE. Click through on Sys: Emulation / RunInUAE / E-UAE amigfx drawer. If you don’t have RunInUae it could be that you are not using the latest update from Hyperion. You should at least have update 5 but preferably update 6.  I recommend AmigaOS 4.1.6. If you have the latest update but still no RunInUae it is because you chose not to install the program. You can fix this by downloading it from OS4depot and follow the instructions for installation here:
    Download RunInUAE
  8. Open RunInUAE, and then use the menu item “Shared settings > Set default joystick to > joy1”.
  9. Now its almost time to test a game. First we need to check so that the configuration under RuninUae is fine. Normally, RunInUAE should be in your Amidock or under Sys: Emulation / RunInUAE. Double-click on RunInUAE icon. You should now see a small program that looks like this:
  10. Click on the program RunInUAE so it becomes active. Then right click on the gray box with that says “Double-click on a 68k program to run it in E-UAE!” and hold the right mouse button down. Choose Joy1 (Main real joystick).

Now try a whdload-game and see if it works!!

* Its easier to start games using a gamelauncher. There are two good ones.
Egame (Recommend this one because you can start other games with it too):
Download eGame
iGame(Only for whdload-Games):
Download iGame

** If you can’t see the files you are looking for in the drawers use “Show all files” or enlarge the drawer.

*** In the drawer “RunInUAE” there is a Read it so you know how to configure it.

Have fun!
Joeled / Nitz76


Guillaume Boesel from France sent us these screenshots. It actually works on both AmigaOS (X1000) and MorphOS (MAC). He’s having a great time with Kick Off 2!


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