Amiga External Floppy Disk adapters are up for sale

Here they are! Asked by public demand, our Amiga External Floppy Disk adapters are now up for sale.  It is compatible with every classic Amiga, using either Gotek Drive or IBM-PC floppy drive.

  • Can be set to DF1, DF2 or DF3. (Jumpers)
  • Works with Gotek drives with either HxC or FlashFloppy firmware.
  • Works also with IBM-PC floppy drives, 720KB or 1.44KB in 880KB Amiga format mode. (Jumpers)
  • Can be externally bootable (Needs Workbench 2.0+ or Floppy Swapper Module)
  • Power and 34-pin ribbon Cables Included.
Tested on a real machine (Amiga 500) prior shipping, no bad surprise!
Can be ordered here: